​Haley is 11 years old. Haley is diagnoses with Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Deficiency (PKU) and Epilepsy. She is in school and well loved by the nannies in her orphanage.  Haley likes to answer questions and is described as enjoying following the rules, nice, and lovely by her caretakers.  She also loves music and dancing! More information about Haley can be found here or email ourlittlestmatryoshka@gmail.com



Shawn is a sweet 11 month old boy. Although his agency description says CP it’s possible that his other diagnosis, Citrullinemia, is causing the symptoms. For those that are not familiar Citrullinemia is an allied disorder that is treated similarly to PKU. You can read more about it here. Shawn has a normal brain MRI. At the time off his last update Shawn was rolling over but not sitting unsupported. He is not yet crawling. He has high muscular tension in his upper limbs. He receives physical therapy and loves being in the water. He is a happy baby who smiles often and “talks” to his nanny. We are looking for a family that is familiar with PKU and Allied Disorders for Shawn. 

There are possible grants for Shawn’s adoption through his placing Agency Madison Adoption Associates. 

For more information about Shawn including videos and pictures please fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review form here or email ourlittlestmatryoshka@gmail.com 



This little Charlie is only the years old. He has PKU and is eligible for adoption by a qualified family. 

This is what his agency has to say about him 

Charlie came into care when he was about three months old.  He has phenylketonuria (PKU) and is on a special diet to manage it.  His language and motor development are delayed-please watch his video, which was taken in November 2016, to see how he moves and hear his cute giggle!  Charlie is very close to his caregivers and gets along well with other children.

More information and an adorable video of Charlie are available at http://www.holtinternational.org/waitingchild/photolisting/ 

For more information on Charlie please email jessicaz@holtintl.org 



Charlie is a 7 year old boy with PKU. He is eligible for adoption from a large Asian country. Here is what his agency said about him

“Charlie, 7, has been living with a foster family since September of 2015, which has helped him improve developmentally. His foster parents describe him as extroverted and sometimes naughty. Charlie likes to be cuddled by his foster mom and likes to eat when he’s upset. When he becomes emotional, Charlie’s arms will shake. 

Charlie can walk, run, and jump, but is physically weak. Intellectually, Charlie is at the level of an average 2 to 3 year old child. He does not attend school and he doesn’t speak. Charlie has good self-care ability. He is able to eat and go to the bathroom on his own.  

Charlie is diagnosed with PKU and delayed intellectual and motor development. He is not on the special PKU diet he needs to help his development, but we are working on that.” 
Charlie needs a family who is open to parenting a child with developmental delays and will be willing to help Charlie transition to the PKU diet. 

Charlie’s Video

For more information contact lperilstein@cradlehope.org or email ourlittlestmatryoshka@gmail.com

Kenny-Matched with a Family!!!


Kenny is three years old and was just recently diagnosed with PKU. Kenny was hosted in the USA this summer with the original diagnoses of Rickets and Pigeon breast. *A US doctor is reported as saying both of these issues are minor. Kenny has speach delays and developmental delays caused by the late PKU diagnosis. It is currently being arranged for Kenny to receive PKU formula.and begin the diet. 

During his stay in the USA Kenny’s host family is quoted as saying :

“Kenny has a pleasant, easy-going personality.  I could not imagine an easier adjustment.  Other than some communication challenges with the language barrier, he quickly acted comfortable and at ease and adjusted beautifully to all family members.  He loved to tackle with Daddy and brother and he sometimes fell asleep snuggling with sissy on the couch. He enjoyed interacting with everyone he met and was very appropriate. Would do well in any family who doesn’t mind snuggling, cute 3 year olds!

Kenny appeared to enjoy gentle rough play and would laugh when engaging in this activity.  He saw a physical therapist who saw no significant range of motion issues in his arms or legs other than tight heel chords and said his tone was within normal range. His fine motor skills are only very slightly delayed. He really enjoyed time in the pool. He loved to blow bubbles, play on the swings and trapeze at the playground, enjoyed rides in the car and pulling around a toy car, coloring with crayons, and trying to do a shape sorter. He is a very expressive child. He ate a lot of different foods–chicken and rice, hot dogs, ramen, muffins, watermelon, broth. He charmed everyone at arrival with his excitement and happy demeanor. In China, he was diagnosed with rickets and pigeon breast, but a US doctor who examined him says those are insignificant issues. I think he will bond well with his family since he prefers to be carried, seeks me for comfort, has good eye contact, and no sensory issues.”

Kenny’s Video

For more information on Kenny contact Cradle of Hope (301)587-4400 or email lperilstein@cradlehope.org or email ourlittlestmatryoshka@gmail.com 

*It is recommended that any family adopting should have their child’s file reviewed by a doctor. Any statements made in this blog post are not substitute for seeking the opinion of a trained professional. 



Matt is a nine year old boy with PKU. He lives in a foster home in a large Asian country where he is waiting to be chosen for adoption. Matt didn’t start treatment for PKU until later in life. A volunteer had the privilege of spending some time with Matt. This is what she said, 

“Matt has only been on the special diet for a few years, which has done WONDERS. But, his brain is still working hard on creating new pathways.He doesn’t talk, but he can walk with assistance or with a walker. He loves music. He responds amazingly to touch. It makes him SO happy”

Matt’s paperwork is in the process of being completed. Anyone seeking more information about Matt should contact Wendy at owens348@umn.edu or Alex atAnd alextwrobel@gmail.com

Harvey- A family is working hard to bring Harvey home


Harvey is a sweet 7 year old boy with PKU who is  waiting for a family. Harvey is a friendly and active child. He is well liked by his friends and teachers. Harvey likes puzzles, model cars, and playing outside. Harvey is on a special diet for PKU. Harvey is slightly delayed from the PKU, but receives special education through his school.  Harvey is a hard worker. Harvey is currently on the shared list. Please email ourlittlestmatryoshka@gmail.com for more info



Leo has waited so long for a family. He’s 11 years old now. He has PKU and some possible delays associated with not keeping blood phenylalanine levels in treatment range. Leo had the opportunity to come to the USA and spend time living with a host family. That family is committed to finding an adoptive family for Leo. They have shared a lot about Leo on their blog including some videos and photos of his time here. Please visit FamilyforLeo to learn about this amazing boy. Leo has grants associated with his adoption. 

*Leo was previously advocated for as Yves on this blog